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Cedar Dental, Practice of Amy M. Kiesselbach D.D.S.




Dentist in RocklinDental Care for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Even healthy teeth benefit from a trip to the dentist every once in awhile. We want to help you maintain a healthy smile and prevent dental problems. We provide regular dental cleanings, keep an eye out to detect any arising problems early on, and provide state of the art treatment when necessary.

 Dental Cleanings

Even healthy teeth benefit from an occasional visit to the dentist...


Better Fillings

Our state of the art fillings are made of a tooth colored composite material and are sometimes called cosmetic fillings. These composite resin materials are safe, strong, and extremely natural in appearance.

Not only do these tooth-colored fillings look natural, they are actually much stronger than traditional metal fillings. This increased durability is due to the composite resin materials' unique ability to bond to the surface of the tooth. The restored tooth is much stronger than a tooth restored with silver-mercury fillings. Teeth restored with composite resin fillings tend to have less leakage and less incidence of fracture.

Root Canals

When a cavity gets too close to the nerve to repair with a filling, we can perform a root canal to remove the nerve...


Occasionally a tooth becomes too badly damaged to repair and it must be removed... 


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